There are so many different aspects about planning a wedding that you may not realize until you’re engaged! Most of the things couples overlook tend to be things you’re not anticipating happening, until they happen. Here are a few things to remember to ask while you’re planning your big day!

tips for planning a wedding

What happens if more people attend…

No matter how far in advance you send out your save the dates and invitations, there’s always a few guests who fail to reply or don’t mention they’re bringing a date. Following up with these guests can help lock in your final guest count. However you may not be able to reach everyone or even have the time to track down these individuals. Make sure to ask your venue how they prepare for guests that show up unexpectedly. Here at Chateau Polonez we always prepare for five percent over your final guest count in the event additional guests attend your event!

top tips for planning a wedding event

It’s raining outside…or cold…or windy…

Weather is one aspect of your day you have no control over. Especially here in Houston, weather can change in the blink of an eye! You may be dreaming about a garden ceremony or dancing with your new spouse under the stars, however the weather may not always cooperate. It’s always best to make sure your venue has an indoor option for all aspects of your day – ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. We have two lovely outdoor ceremony spaces and a great patio for cocktail hour in addition to beautiful indoor options! Also ask if there is an additional rental fee to secure a back-up indoor option. We only hold one event per day here, so you have the flexibility to move inside if needed!

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In the Event of…

Above and beyond normal weather inconveniences, what happens if your venue is rendered unsuitable for use on your big day due to calamity or other “Acts of God”? In the event that your wedding cannot happen on your scheduled day due to unforeseen circumstances, have you lost all time and money spent preparing or do you have the option to reschedule? Chateau Polonez gives you the option for a full refund or to move to another available date. Hopefully there are no unexpected natural disasters on the day of your wedding, however knowing your options can provide you with a peace of mind.

things to keep in mind for wedding planning

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