Lauren & Tyler’s Love Story


How did you meet?

We met in May of 2013 through a pool management company we both worked for. It was my 6th year, and his first year with the company. We did not start dating until Late June that same year. We dated for the summer, and then took some time apart when I went back to school in August. Since January 2014, we have been going strong!


What is your proposal story?

I had recently graduated from Sam Houston State University, and was back at school attending a function with an organization I had gotten involved with when I was completing my undergrad. Tyler had organized with one of my friends, who was the president of the organization, to come up on stage after one of the speakers, and propose to me in front of the whole audience. The speaker right before the lunch break had finished when my friend made an announcement that we would have one more speaker before the lunch break. I was confused because no one else was listed on the program to speak before lunch. As I was scrolling through the program, I looked up and saw Tyler standing on the stage, and gesturing for me to join him. He managed to get a room full of 40 or more girls to cry! .


Why did you choose Chateau Polonez as the location for the magical day?

We chose Chateau Polonez because of their hospitality from the moment we walked in the door for our appointment. We had called and visited a few other places, and did not feel as comfortable and at home as we did when we toured Chateau Polonez.


What was your favorite wedding detail?

My favorite wedding detail was my dress and veil. They were exactly what I had envisioned myself wearing on my big day! 


What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of our wedding was the moment Tyler and I had during communion at the church. We had already said our vows and had exchanged the rings, and we were kneeling at the altar with the priest distributing communion behind us. No one could talk to us, no one could interrupt us. It was one of the first moments we had alone that day together. We were able to talk a little about what had happened earlier in the day, and we finally had a moment to breathe and take in everything that happened.


We loved all our pictures we took out on the back courtyard. The landscaping is so beautiful, and really helped give our pictures the perfect touch!


 Photography by Jess Morales