2016 Color Trends for Houston Weddings  

We absolutely love watching the wedding trends in Houston slowly take form through our consultations.  Lately, we’ve been seeing a shift in color schemes to two different spectrums of the color palette.  For our spring brides, they are embracing all pastel colors similar to the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year.  Blush and lavender with hint of soft blues and soft greens create for a beautiful and romantic wedding color scheme.

radiant orchid  pantonegreen Pink blue

At the same time, we are also seeing our autumn brides fall in love with the darker, more saturated hues, evoking a very elegant and almost formal affair.  Midnight blues, deep marsala (2015 Pantone Color of the Year), and plum combine with accents in gold for a rich color palette.  

Midnight Blue Pantone plummarsala

The beauty of these two color schemes, is that they can each pull in lighter or darker hues to add more depth to their arrangements.  For example, a spring color palette of blush and lavender, can sprinkle in richer tones of plum or fuchsia to add some uniqueness and fun to their design.  At the same time, an autumn color palette of dark navy and burgundy can throwback to the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year by bringing in a spray of Radiant Orchid florals.  

LULU_j+c_0019-L WEB QuynhEric12 Sanders_Capehart_NicoleChathamPhotography_040_0_low 0134 082

style shoot15 Chelsea&Taylor3 Dana-Fernandez-Photography-Allie & Rick1 WEB Christina & Binh 25 (13) style shoot

One thing I have learned working in the wedding industry is that every single wedding is completely unique!  While we may be seeing color trends in one way or the other, it’s that infusion of each couple’s own personal style and love that makes each wedding beautiful!

Natalie Drummond, Director of Sales and Marketing, House of Hough Linens