Kim and Andrew shared their special day with us last fall, so we wanted to share their experiences here at Chateau Polonez as well as their love story! Kim tells us how her and Andrew met, fell in love and got engaged! We loved how they met in high school and reconnected later in life!

How did you meet?

We have known each other for years (since 2007) in our home country – Vietnam. We went to same school for different majors. Our school back then was pretty small and had only one computer lab. Coincidentally, we tended to sit at the same computer EVERY SINGLE TIME even when we didn’t have class. Because of seeing same person sitting next to me every day, I thought I should ask his name so we can talk . We have been friends since then. We then lost contact cause we got transferred to the U.S to finish our degrees. He transferred to Seattle and I ended up going to school in Oklahoma city. We eventually transferred to Houston. He transferred to Houston in 2008 and I transferred to Houston a year after him. He got scholarship at UT Arlington  before I moved to Houston. So, we actually had never lived in the same city at the same time. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, we finally got in touch again through our mutual friends on Facebook in 2010. (We did not know who moved where and why until after we dated and we did not move because of each other). That was how we met <3 

What is your proposal story?

We started chatting through Facebook and one day he decided to drive to Houston from Dallas to meet me and ask me to be his girlfriend. Long distance relationship started here. That was a beautiful day of March at Galveston. We both were not able to move because our scholarships were not transferrable. Our relationship grew little by little through every Houston-Dallas trip that we made every two weekends. I still remember that weekend he was in Houston, he asked if I wanted a walk. It sounded very unusual but I could not say no because of the nice weather. We played fetch with our dog for a while and by the time of sunset, he kneeled down and asked if I wanted him to take care for me for the rest of my life. He asked and I said YES. 

Why did you choose Chateau Polonez as the location for the magical day?

I loved the venue immediately through the pictures. I could imagine right away how my wedding will look like in the venue. I was also impressed how responsive Chateau Polonez was. My email got replied to in a timely manner. However, I had shopped around for other venues and no place could compare to Chateau Polonez. For example, another venue charged higher price with less hours for a wedding, bride had to share her wedding with other in same day. That was a big NO NO to me. I wanted my wedding to be the only one event on that day. Thanks Chateau Polonez so much for the amazing offer. 

What was your favorite wedding detail?

I would say the chapel style wedding ceremony is my most favorite wedding detail ever. The big tall glass window was stunning. It also made the wow effect on both picture and video. 

Then the getting ready room was amazing!!!!! (oh my god, I miss the room so bad)

Lastly, Patrick (you know who he is) made me love the place even more 😀

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The food!!! Everyone cant stop complimenting how great the steak was.

Any comments you want to share with Chateau Polonez about your big day?

Chateau Polonez is the greatest place to get married. I never regret booking the venue for my big day. And I have to say that Natalia and Kasia are amazing!! They listened to me carefully, replied to my email like Fast and Furious, and helped me the best they could. Natalia, thank you again for replying to my text during the weekend.